Congratulations MEN,
We have emerged VICTORIOUS. You all heard the call, stepped up to the plate and GREW– some of the most manly facial-hair outcroppings this world has ever seen. You burdened on your shoulders the jealousy of all those men too timid or too tame to follow in the footsteps of your bearded glory, and made the women swoon with the testosterone that seeped from your pores with every footstep. And, on top of it all, YOU CHANGED LIVES. And not just one or two either.

This month, through your beards and subsequent beard-induced donations, we were able to raise over $3,400 to go towards the sponsorship of Dalit children in our partner English-medium school in Bihar, north India. And, once you factor in the matching funds provided through our partner organization, that’s OVER $6,800 raised and 20 DALIT CHILDREN liberated through education and supported FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! Now THAT is a MANly feat. Beat your chests in jubilation.

Also, we want to give a rather large and robust GRUNT of applause to Matt Green for winning this year’s “ALPHA MALE- BEARD OF GLORY” award by bringing in the most money out of all of our MANly bunch. MEN, you all fought valiantly, but Matt Green simply outgrew the competition. Matt, please email us at with your mailing address, so that we can ship you out a prize befitting a MAN like you. And I must say, honorable mention to Brian Donohoe for winning the “Sasquatch Award” this year .  Our hat goes off to you my friend, and we pity your razor …

Most Donations: Matt Green- $612

Most Masculinitude: Brian Donohoe

Other Results:

2nd: Alberto C- $467

3rd: Jon L- $407

4th: Benji K- $392

5th: Rob F- $266

6th: Matt S- $264

7th: Jesse L- $208

8th: Chris M- $180

9th: Alec B- $122

10th: Kris G- $65

Nate C- $60

Brian D- $55

Chad M- $55

Marvin M- $30

Tomi A- $28

Kris G- $20

Travis W- $10

Drew A- $10

Matt M- $10

In summation, we MANLY men of the “Beards for Freedom” Squadron would like to raise our voices in a loud guffaw to say “THANK YOU!” to all those who sponsored, supported, and put up with our beastly beards this month. We love you all.

I believe that is it men. Thank you for your involvement. Thanks to you, we have changed lives, and increased the overall level of manliness in the world by at least 47.2%. Until next year …

Keep It Bearded,

Jon Lash & Co.

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